Providing the Benchmark for Environmental Credibility

VOC Eating Plants

Going Green is not making a few, or even several, efforts to change and then reverting back to your old ways after a few months. It is the composition of numerous ideas that are developed in a comprehensive Sustainability Plan.

The Green Path program will guide your company in developing a tailored sustainability plan to be implemented over a period of time. Within the sustainability plan are hundreds of great and sensible ideas that help the company function more efficiently and save money.

Those plastic and silk plants in your office may be easy to maintain, but they are not helping your office. One of the items in your sustainability plan should be the inclusion of some live, green plants. A NASA study tested the value of live plants in a closed environment – the study was very revealing.

You probably already know that plants absorb carbon dioxide (which will make employees feel tired) and emit oxygen (which makes employees more energetic). People prefer living plants because they create a positive atmosphere in the workplace. We have a strong relationship with living things – that’s why sitting under a fake tree in the mall will never equal enjoying a live tree in the park.

Results from a NASA study are more alarming. Offices are saturated with years of fumes, contaminants and gases that act like an unseen, toxic cloud in the workplace. Workers spend year after year in these closed environments, seriously impacting productivity, sick days, and medical claims. The NASA study found a number of environmentally-friendly office plants that will, literally, suck the contaminants out of the air while adding back fresh oxygen.
As shown in the study, installing live plants is smart, effective and not very costly if you replace a few plants per month. Encourage your employees to participate in an “Adopt-a-Plant” program so that all plants receive the care they need. Or, simply find a service that will provide plants for your office and take care of them as well.

Plant short list:
Six plants were shortlisted for Office Plant of the Year:
• Chlorophytum ‘Mandarin’ or “Fire-Flash”
• Sansevieria “Mother-in-law’s tongue”
• Spathiphyllum “Peace-Lilly”
• Chamaedorea seifrizi “Reed Palm”
• Dracaena deremensis “Riki”
• Dracaena steudneri “Large-leaved dragon-tree”
(Your Green Consultant can provide even more choices)

So what are you waiting for, surround yourself with the gift of mother nature and let her do what she does best .....clean our air the Natural Way!